£25,000 Compensation Payouts For A Broken Rib – Case Study & A Guide To Calculate Broken Rib Compensation

You may be looking for legal advice on how to claim compensation after suffering a broken rib. This guide offers a case study on a compensation payout of £25,000 for an accident causing a broken rib. We’ll refer to general damages and special damages, and we’ll also explain No Win No Fee agreements.

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A Guide To Broken Rib Compensation Payouts

If you suffer a broken rib in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you could file a personal injury claim. This is a legal action for an injury caused by someone else’s negligence. We’ll shortly define the criteria required for negligence, as well as:

  • An explanation of a broken rib injury
  • Financial consequences of the injury
  • Common situations a broken rib injury could be sustained
  • Care claims
  • General and special damages
  • A case study of a £25,000 compensation payout
  • How to have your compensation calculated
  • No Win No Fee claims and choosing the best personal injury lawyer

A personal injury claims time limit exists. You can claim up to 3 years from the date that you broke your rib. As for when a child (someone under the age of 18) or someone who lacks the mental capacity to claim breaks a rib? A close relative or another appointed representative could act as a litigation friend on their behalf. The litigation friend can then process the claim for them.

For more information, speak to our expert team, and they’ll put you in touch with our panel of personal injury lawyers.

What Are Rib Fractures

A broken or fractured rib causes great discomfort. A typical broken rib symptom could be a sharp pain when breathing in, swelling or tenderness around the rib, and bruising. You may also hear a crack. In severe cases, victims may struggle to breathe and might cough up blood and/or mucus.

A broken rib injury could arise because of negligence. To make a personal injury claim for negligence, these 3 criteria must be met:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care
  • That duty of care was then breached, leading to an accident
  • The accident caused you to suffer an injury, such as a broken rib. 

There are three scenarios where we could help you to claim negligence after suffering a broken rib. The first is under employers’ liability (EL), which covers any workplace accident. The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 says that an employer should, so far as reasonably possible, uphold their employees’ health, safety and wellbeing. If an accident at work occurs because your employer has breached this duty of care, you could claim for a work injury payment via a broken rib at work claim.

The second is under public liability (PL), which covers claims for a public accident and, consequently, claims for a public injury against the body in control of the area where the incident took place. See the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, which covers public duty of care. A broken rib accident in a public place could result in a public liability claim.

Then there are road traffic accidents (RTAs). Under the Highway Code, all drivers have a duty of care towards one another to not put any other road user at risk. The term ‘road user’ covers pedestrians and cyclists too, who are particularly vulnerable. If there‘s a breach in this duty, you may be able to sue, possibly for multiple injuries. Indeed, a broken rib may be part of a multiple injury claim after a road traffic accident.

To learn more, speak to our panel of personal injury lawyers by using our contact form.

Financial Pressures From Broken Ribs

There could be financial pressures from suffering a broken rib. Medical costs and increased use of public transport are two examples. Lost earnings during an extended leave of absence from work may be significant. All of these could impact your potential compensation amount, which we’ll come to shortly. If you’re already feeling the financial strain, call us on the number in the top right-hand corner of the page for further advice.

Common Accidents Causing Rib Fractures

For employer liability cases, a cracked rib could comprise some of the 581,000 reported workplace accidents during 2018/19. In some workplaces, such as those with heavy machinery, being struck in the chest by a faulty machine is a possibility and could lead to a broken rib. 

Now, with public liability cases, slips, trips and falls may lead to you falling onto your face and breaking a rib. 

As for road traffic accidents, nearly 2,000 cyclists were seriously injured in 2018 alone. This may include riders breaking a rib as they fell. 

Perhaps one of these examples matches how you suffered your broken rib. If so, contact our panel of personal injury lawyers.

Ways To Add A Care Claim For Rib Injuries

With a care claim, it’s possible to recover compensation for a variety of things. This may involve the time and effort of relatives who looked after you while you couldn’t perform simple household tasks like cooking and cleaning. 

It may include professional care, such as nursing costs, for more severe cases. Note that you cannot claim for care that you were receiving before the accident. 

Our team is available 24/7 for further information on care claims. We’re more than happy to provide free, no-strings-attached legal advice.

How To Value Compensation Amounts

Compensation for broken ribs depends on numerous factors. You would need to undergo an independent medical examination as part of the claims process. This is so that an expert can examine your injuries, and to confirm that they were sustained in a manner consistent with the accident. They will identify that, but for the accident, your injuries wouldn’t have occurred. 

They will also determine your long-term recovery period, which would influence the compensation amount awarded. The compensation can be divided into two categories: general damages and special damages.

General Damages

General damages cover the pain, suffering and loss of amenity suffered because of the accident. They account for the physical and mental impact of the injury.

Special Damages

Special damages encompass the financial fall-out of the injury. Costs of prescription medication, hospital visits, and any private treatment could be covered here. The same applies to public transport travel expenses for buses, trains and taxis, provided that you keep receipts. 

Special damages could also cover lost earnings from work, both during the healing and rehabilitation process. They can also cover the potential future impact of the injuries too. For example, perhaps you have a physical job, meaning that your broken rib could limit you from working. Other costs may also be factored in here, including any private physiotherapy treatment for more severe cases.

To find out more about general damages and special damages, call us on the number at the top of the page.

Case Study: £25,000 For A Broken Rib

Tricia Stratham is 28. She works as a senior sales assistant in a supermarket in London. Tricia is a generally healthy and independent woman who lives alone, and she also enjoys cycling. Every year, she completes the British Heart Foundation London to Reading Bike Ride, an annual charity bike ride covering 40 miles.

One Sunday afternoon, Tricia was cycling as part of her training for the upcoming London To Reading Bike Ride. Suddenly, a car to her right decided to overtake her while approaching a traffic light. Because the driver hadn’t sufficiently checked his blind spot, a collision occurred, and Tricia was knocked off her bike. 

She remained conscious, but the hard landing caused her to suffer a broken and bruised rib, plus a broken collarbone. Tricia also began coughing up blood and was struggling to breathe. An ambulance was called, and she was transported to her local hospital. Along with the aforementioned fractures, Tricia’s doctor noted that she had a laceration to the left side of her face, requiring stitches, and she was advised it may leave a scar

Tricia was prescribed painkillers to take immediately afterwards, with anti-inflammatories added to her medication after 48 hours. For treating the broken rib, she also used an ice pack for several days to reduce the initial swelling. Tricia’s sleep was severely impacted, and even as she began to recover, she could only sleep in an upright position. 

After around three weeks, Tricia had started to remove the mucus from her lungs. However, it was three more weeks before she could breathe with 100% ease. As for Tricia’s broken collarbone, it was eight weeks before it fully healed. She had undertaken physiotherapy during her rehabilitation to help strengthen the previously-broken bones.

Psychologically, Tricia was badly shaken up. She was upset about the facial scar, which was slight but still visible. Not only did she not compete in the London to Reading Bike Ride, but she also considered not cycling again. Tricia also felt that she had lost her independence. Having become self-sufficient, she reluctantly paid for weekly care, cleaning and gardening services during her recovery period.

Also, Tricia missed eight weeks of her work at the supermarket as her role involved manual lifting that she was suddenly unable to carry out. Even after Tricia returned to work, her position was adapted to avoid her performing certain tasks. This seriously concerned her in case the changes could impact future employment.

After seeking legal advice, Tricia filed a compensation claim for multiple injuries, including her broken rib, plus a care claim. She received an out-of-court settlement of £25,000. This included £16,500 in general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity, and £8,500 in special damages.

Type Of General DamagesIncludes:How Much?
Broken RibCosts relating to the suffering of & recovery from a broken rib£3,500
Broken ClavicleCosts relating to the suffering of & recovery from a broken rib£11,500
Minor Facial DisfigurementCosts relating to the suffering of a minor facial scar due to the accident£1,500

Type Of Special DamagesIncludes:How Much?
Current LossLost earnings from being unable to work£4,000
Potential LossLost earnings from the upcoming period that could be affected as recovery continues£2,000
Travel ExpensesTravel to and from appointments related to the injury & rehabilitation£500
RehabilitationPrivate physiotherapy costs to complete the recovery£200
Medical ExpensesPrescriptions for paracetamols & other related medical costs£200
Special CareAdded costs for care required due to the accident£800
CleaningAdded costs for care required due to the accident£400
GardeningAdded costs for gardening required due to the accident£400

The case of Mrs Stratham is purely an example. It is based on our past experiences of handling and valuing claims and serves to illustrate how accidents can happen and how they are valued.

Call Our Team For A Free Compensation Calculation Estimate

We know that some personal injury solicitors use personal injury claims calculators to determine potential payouts. But are these figures always accurate? 

The specifics of a broken rib injury mean the final figure is subject to various factors. Our team of specially trained advisers can chat to you about your injuries, and once they learn more about the precise nature of your accident and your present condition, can advise you with greater accuracy on your potential payout. 

And crucially, our legal advice and support are free, regardless of whether you pursue a claim. Please don’t rely on guesswork from a compensation calculator; speak to our team.

No Win No Fee Agreements For Rib Injuries

Making a No Win No Fee claim is a key service that we provide, one which could benefit you greatly. The biggest positive: you won’t be responsible for covering costs incurred by your solicitor if your case is unsuccessful. No Win No Fee also means that:

  • No legal fees would be required initially
  • Nor would any fees be required before or during the case

If the claim succeeds and you’re awarded compensation, a nominal percentage known as a success fee would be deducted by your solicitor. This is capped by law, so don’t worry about losing a significant amount of your settlement.

No Win No Fee reduces the financial pressure on claimants and increases the likelihood of a victory. That’s because of the added confidence of a team who may only proceed with claims that have a good chance of success. Please speak to our advisers if you have any questions or queries relating to No Win No Fee agreements.

Choose The Best Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Claim

If your case is going to win, you’ll need the best possible personal injury lawyer to manage your claim. Barometers to determine a credible law firm include strong client feedback, a successful track record of victories, and a trustworthy legal team that regularly communicates with their clients.

But don’t limit your choices based on locality. Our nationwide service can cover cases all over the UK, meaning we can handle your broken rib claim too. Speak to us about what you need, and we’ll look after you from there.

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Supporting Guides

We hope you have learned a lot from reading this guide. The links below will allow you to find out even more before you take steps towards filing legal action.

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