£20,000 Compensation Payouts For A Broken Nose – Case Study & A Guide To Calculate Broken Nose Compensation

Did you know that you could claim compensation for a broken nose, provided it wasn’t your fault? Our panel of personal injury lawyers has been covering all areas of the country for years, helping people win claims like this. Whether it was an accident at work, a road traffic accident or if you were unfortunate enough to injure your nose in a public place, our panel of lawyers handle thousands of successful personal injury claims each year.

Below is a typical case study which is purely an example but is based on past cases handled by our panel of personal injury lawyers. Find out now how your claim for a broken nose might qualify by contacting us today on 0800 408 7826. We’ve available 24/7 to discuss your claim, with no obligation to proceed.

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A Guide To Broken Nose Compensation Amounts.

There are many ways your nose can be damaged. In this article, we’ll explain the most common signs of a broken nose and what a personal injury solicitor can obtain for you if this happened either in a workplace accident, an accident in a public place or as a result of the carelessness of someone else.

A personal injury claim hinges on evidence that the defendant was in breach of the lawful ‘duty of care’ that they owed to you, so we’ll look at the legislation that binds them to that. Also, we will explain the process of valuing pay-out amounts, followed by a case study to illustrate a typical scenario from start to finish.

At the end of this article, we’ll explain how we can help you calculate your own compensation, and how you can take advantage of our ‘No Win No Fee service. We look at where to find the best lawyers to handle your claim for a broken nose at work, or as a public liability claim anywhere else too.

What Is A Nose Injury?

The bone running along the bridge of the nose is quite fragile and, positioned prominently in the centre of the face, is often exposed to all manner of potential injury. 

The first thing you will notice with a broken nose is often the ‘crack’ noise, significant pain and blood. Swelling and intense pain with some possible visual disturbance and headaches can also result. The NHS website gives detailed information on diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, which you can read by clicking here.

After the shock of your accident has subsided, there are three crucial points to establishing negligence and blame in your broken nose claim. These are:

  1. That the defendant owed you a duty of care;
  2. This duty was breached, leading to an accident;
  3. As a result of that accident, you suffered an injury.

We’re able to assist with claims against employers (employers’ liability claims), against bodies in control of public spaces (public liability claims), and those harmed in road traffic accidents. Let’s consider the duty of care in each type of case:

  • Your employer is required by law to uphold a ‘duty of care’ under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 to ensure their employees are safe and free of the risk of harm, so far as it is reasonably possible to do so. Were they fully compliant with this? Did they breach their duty to you?
  • Likewise, those in control of public places have a duty of care under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, which outlines precisely the expectations made upon them.
  • Lastly, in Road Traffic Accidents or RTA’s, all other road users, irrespective of age or experience have a duty of care as described in the Highway Code. This applies to everyone on the roads and if your nose fracture was the fault of someone else, you could make a claim.

Could I Experience Financial Problems From A Broken Nose?

Sadly, yes. Serious nose fractures can make concentration or visual acuity difficult until the swelling goes down. This may mean that you cannot go to work, drive, look after children or function at anything near full capacity in your daily life. All these implications can have a financial impact. 

At this point, a No Win No Fee lawyer handling your claim for a broken nose can explore special damages with you. An umbrella term for all the various financial expenses you might incur, this is a way to ensure you are restored to the financial position you were in before the accident, as well as accounting for any future financial repercussions the accident might have on your life.

How Easy Is It To Suffer A Nose Fracture From Accidents?

Remarkably easy. Anything that comes into contact with your nose is a potential risk, so that includes doors opening inwards, tripping and landing face-first, objects falling and striking your face, the sudden movements of others and any event caused by negligence that impacts the front of your head. 

Such an accident specifically applies to cyclists in the context of a road traffic accident, those working in an industrial or construction environment and often, bars and clubs in a public liability setting. 

A broken nose can happen pretty much anywhere, and if you suffer one, why not get in touch for free legal advice?

Add A Care Claim To Broken Nose Lawsuit Settlements

Often, the most debilitating aspect of a nose fracture can be the subsequent visual disturbances and headaches. This can make normal functioning difficult and, if you cannot rely upon the goodwill of family and friends to help you (this is called ‘gracious care’), you may need to pay for a carer. One cost is easier to calculate than the other. The costs to family and friends must be gauged and recorded carefully by you, whereas a paid carer can simply provide evidential invoices of costs. 

Either way, you need to prove the care was given due to incapacitation as a result of your accident and a personal injury lawyer can offer vital advice on how best to do this. For further information contact the number at the top of the page or speak to our ‘live support’ team on our website, bottom right.

What Your Compensation Pay-out Is Made Up Of

In order to prove a personal injury claim, it’s always necessary to have a medical assessment. The object of this is for a medical professional to establish that the injuries you are suffering were a direct result of the accident and not caused by some underlying or pre-existing condition. Once this has been satisfied there are two types, or ‘heads of claim’ you can access.

General damages

An organisation that reviews compensation awards made by the courts called the Judicial College offers guidance on the potential pay-outs in ‘general damages’ for a broken nose claim. According to them, depending on severity, this can range from £1,360 for a simple nose fracture all the way up to £18,440 for a serious, life-altering and permanent facial injury.

Special damages

Special damages cast a wider net and allow you to really consider the financial impact of your accident. The types of costs you can apply for under special damages are:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical expenses such as medications
  • Travel costs to hospital appointments
  • The cost of any care

It’s important to note that you can claim under both, so under the correct circumstances, even a simple injury to the nose can result in substantial damages.

Case Study: £20,000 For A Broken Nose

Mark had a successful career as an eyewear model and worked for several large fashion companies. On a night out, he went to a bar with some friends to celebrate a new prestigious campaign he was to be part of. Outside the bar, he stood with some friends next to a fire exit door that led directly on to the street. The door was not clearly marked as such and lacked any warnings about obstruction or access. Even though there was no fire alert inside, an employee of the bar suddenly burst through the door with such speed and force that the door struck Mark square in the face and cracked his nose in three places.

Whilst the staff of the bar did everything they could to minimize Mark’s injuries, he still required a trip to the hospital and corrective surgery. The rehabilitation time for his nose lasted 8 weeks and he was completely unable to rest sunglasses on his face for the fashion shoot.

Although Mark did not take photos as evidence at the time of his nose fracture, the CCTV from the bar confirmed that the employee had used the fire exit door, contrary to company policy. Finding himself literally unable to earn a living for the foreseeable future, with massive potential for not being able to return to that career at all, Mark sought legal advice through a No Win No Fee lawyer to see if he could recover compensation for his injuries and financial losses.

The outcome of Mark’s claim was successful. The insurance company of the negligent bar operator admitted liability and the claim was settled in his favour as follows:

General damagesSpecial damages
Severe nose injury in multiple places - £9,990Loss of earnings for 8 weeks minimum - £4,800
Travel expenses - £1,000
Medications - £210
Loss of future earnings - £4,000
Total General Damages = £9,990Total Special Damages = £10,000

The case of Mark is purely an example, but it illustrates the scope for much wider-ranging damages when you consult a personal injury lawyer. If you feel that an accident was preventable at work or in any public space, contact our team today and discuss your broken nose claim with them.

Your Free Compensation Calculation Estimate

The calculations above are based on the guidelines provided by the Judicial College but it’s important to note that personal injury compensation calculators can easily generate misleading figures that may in fact, be underestimating the potential payout to you. 

It’s always advisable to speak to experts like our team who can assess your broken nose claim and advise you on what payout you could recover. Every caller receives totally free, legal advice and support during our no-obligation consultation.

No Win No Fee Claim For Nose Injuries

The advantage of No Win No Fee claims is that they allow people access to the justice and the compensation they deserve that might ordinarily be out of their immediate financial reach. Essentially, a No Win No Fee claim means that if your case does not succeed you won’t have to pay a penny to your solicitors. There are other benefits as well:

  • No fees to pay upfront
  • Nothing to pay while the claim is ongoing

If your claim is successful, your solicitor will deduct from your compensation award a legally capped ‘success fee’ to cover their costs. This would be paid to your personal injury lawyer only after the compensation has been won for you, and the majority of the money goes directly to you, enabling you to take care of the many issues your broken nose may have caused.

Where Are The Top Personal Injury Lawyers?

It’s no longer important for a solicitor to be local to you. The internet has enabled millions of people to access the best representation available. Google searches can give thousands of results, so how do you know which is the best No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer for you?

One way is to read reviews. Reviews are a really useful way of comparing companies to handle your claim for a broken nose. You can read first-hand accounts of how solicitors communicated, if the claimant got the desired payout and how long it took for their case to be settled. 

However, it’s important to discuss your claim directly. 

We understand this and have been successfully guiding people to the right personal injury compensation lawyers all across the country. We’re available 24/7 on the number below to take your call

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Thank you for reading our guide to the services offered by our panel of personal injury lawyers in the event you’ve suffered a broken nose injury. We hope it has helped in your decision to contact our team. Please click on the links below for further reading:

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